The first worldwide 3D Full-tickness skin model including sebaceous glands


What About?

Current skin tissue engineering technologies often only include the epidermal components and remain partially effective in their ability to restore the complexity of the dermal compartment, particularly skin appendix.

Nowadays, studies about sebaceous glands rely mainly on the use of 2D cell culture based on immortalized cell lines and most 3D models are ex-vivo isolated sebaceous glands with limited shelf life.

To overcome these limitations, LabSkin Creations designed an unique model by using its porous scaffolding biomaterials to support cell growth and 3D organisation of sebaceous glands in 3D.


A 3D Full-thickness skin model containing hIPS-derived Sebocytes

3D SEBOSkin model integrating hIPSC-derived sebocytes are morphologically consistent with a well-organised and terminally differentiated epidermis and presents a cohesive dermal-epidermal structure.


After 48 days of culture, dermal fibroblasts seeded with hIPSC-derived sebocytes were able to colonize the whole collagen-GAG-chitosan porous scaffold and neosynthesize their own extracellular matrix.






LabSkin ASC cultured in our proprietary media are capable to proliferate and differentiate into functional mature adipocytes within 7 days.





3D ADIPOPrint model similar to in vivo hypodermis architecture

3D ADIPOPrint engineered with adipose stem cells shows in-vivo like structural organisation and homogenous spatial distribution of mature adipocyte synthesising lipids, embedded into neo-synthesised extracellular matrix. 


Hight amounts of type I and V collagens are expressed similarly to the native adipose subcutaneous tissue. Expression of fibrillar collagens is indicative of the formation of a structural network supporting the differentiated adipocytes.




ADIPOPrint expresses adipocyte-related markers such as perilipin and FAPB4, confirming the differentiation and organisation of adipocyte-derived stem cells into mature adipocytes within the printed tissue.



A functional and responsive model



Adipogenic modulators promote the maturation of adipocyte by increasing lipid content and adipocyte size, showing the functionality of the 3D ADIPOPrint.




3D quantification of lipid droplet volume after stimulation with adipogenic factors.



LabSkin Creations has developed the first worldwide bioprinting method enabling the generation, in only 20 days, of a functional 3D hypodermis model using ASCs as cellular source and leading to molecular and organisational characteristics identical to normal human hypodermis.


This unique model may be a relevant tool to explore molecular mechanisms underlying adipogenesis and to identify dermo-cosmetic active compound.


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