The new aging 3D skin model to test eye contour area-related products




What is it About?

The skin is not uniform all over the body but has great divergences in its functional properties as well as in its structural components according to anatomical location. In contrast to the palmoplantar skin,

the facial skin is remarkably smooth and oily, being packed with small skin areas

that show distinct functional properties from each other.

Among them, the eyelid constitutes a unique area that must comply smoothly

with the quick blinking movement to maintain the wet surface of the eyeball.

To specifically re-create this particular zone of the face, LabSkin team designed a unique full-thickness 3D skin eyelid model perfectly mimicking its architectural characteristics to test eye contour products.


LabSkin 3D Aging Eyelids model

By combining its high expertise in cell culture and its advanced scaffold-free tissue engineering technology, LabSkin designed a 3D full-thickness human eyelid skin model to mimic the physiology and the aging of this specific region of the face

and to provide a predictive model to its premature aging.

eyelids 1.png



eyelids 2.png
eyelids 3.png

The eyelid skin is known to have unique architectural characteristics to carry out its special function to protect the eyeball. Including its stratum corneum, the eyelid skin is one of the thinnest in the body.

3D EYELIDSkin model engineered with aged cutaneous cells from eyelid biopsies supports epidermal formation and proliferation to produce a full-thickness, well-organized and terminally differentiated epidermis. This reconstructed eyelid tissue is morphologically similar to the corresponding normal human skin mimicking the thickness of the aged eyelid dermal compartment.


A responsive model for eye-contour cosmetics product testing

As seen in vivo, EYELIDSkin model expresses all elastic tissue components including elastin and fibrillin-1.


Significant improvement in the expression of elastic fibres-related proteins is observed after treatment with positive control like TGF beta or plant extracts, demonstrating the high responsiveness of the EYELIDSkin model to stimuli.




3D EYELIDSkin model is the first 3D full-thickness skin equivalent of eyelid with cellular and morphological characteristics closely resembling native human eyelid. This model engineered with aged cells mimicking premature-aging of this facial specific zone, allows to demonstrate the efficacy of eye-contour cosmetics products.



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