LabSkin x Chanel Research





LabSkin Creations in collaboration with Chanel Research perfected a new inkjet bioprinting strategy applied to the deposition of keratinocyte and melanocyte from Asian origin on the top of a dermal equivalent in a precise and optimized arrangement and geometries without any carrier. The HPZ was printed in a predefined micropattern by spotting a physiological ratio of 1/36 melanocytes/keratinocytes pre-treated with an optimized cocktail of cytokines made-up of IL1⍺ and KGF, known to be involved in SL disorders. Concomitantly, the PLZ was co-deposited in an optimized arrangement with untreated cells. These bioprinted SL constructs engineered with precise patterning of HPZs was cultured for 42 days in optimal conditions.


Experimental analysis of the 3D bioprinted SL constructs showed a well-defined hyperpigmentary zone, in which IL1⍺/KGF pre-treated cells were spotted in a predefined pattern.


We have established the first worldwide bioprinting method enabling the generation of a 3D full-thickness model with individualized hyperpigmentation spot with cellular and molecular characteristics closely resembling to in vivo observations. This model may be a relevant tool to further explore and better understand molecular mechanisms underlying SLs disorders and to effectively identify dermo-cosmetic active compounds based on more relevant scientific bases.