JALA partnered with LabSkin Creations
to bioprint the first “Asian skin”




JALA Group, a leading cosmetics company in China, recently announced that for the first time in the world, the company has successfully printed skin of Asians using the 3D bioprinting technology.


This was possible through a strong partnership with LabSkin Creations.  






JALA Group, the largest cosmetics company in China, has partnered with the French company, LabSkin Creations, to bioprint “Asian skin” using Asian stem cells. The in vitro skin samples will be used to test cosmetics specifically for the Asian market. So… why? PETA must’ve finally made some inroads in China. JALA Group touts the breakthrough as an alternative to animal testing. Good for them!!


There are specific differences between Asian and Caucasian skin in terms of structure and texture, and acquired factors such as diet, environment and air pollution as well as the Asian preference for avoiding any exposure to the sun can affect skin characteristics. JALA, as part of its mission to build a recognized Chinese brand by aggregating the best that sources from around the world can offer, is committed to developing cosmetics more suitable for Oriental women. 


The use of bioprinted skin, an in vitro 3D structure, will enhance their R&D capacities including functional testing of raw materials, efficacy evaluation of cosmetics and drug development, as well as various efforts in mechanism research that facilitate the development of biotechnology. The huge success of the multinational cooperation plays a vital role in promoting the development and testing of more advanced and safer cosmetics that meet the skin needs of Asian consumers.


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