Towards the biofabrication of implantable and functional skin tissue




What is it About?

STRESSKIN project is positioned in the field of regenerative and personalized medicine for which clinicians of different specialties are looking for autologous implantable tissues, in order to repair and replace all or parts of damaged tissue following a pathology or trauma.




Towards biomimetic mechanical properties

Although current bioprinting technologies allow engineering of various autologous tissues, these reconstructed tissues do not have the proper mechanical characteristics to be sutured.



STRESSkin project is focused on improving the mechanical strength of bioprinted constructs using various bioreactor maturation methods, specifically targeting bioprinting of skin. 

Progress made during this project will push the bioprinting technology towards high-strength bioprinted constructs with natural cell viability and ultimately will lead to translational applications for wound healing and cosmetic market.


STRESSkin is the result of great contributions from interdisciplinary teams of researchers. Project funded by la Region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.





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